Why Choose Borg Brothers Construction Company?

Borg Brothers understands that working with the right sub-contractor makes all the difference. We understand that people need to be able to count on us, not just one time... but every time.  At Borg Brothers, we know that we are only as good as our last job, and our reputation. And we take that seriously.

Here are just a few reasons to work with us...

We have the Adequate Manpower

Borg Brothers Construction pays attention to the concerns and expectations in our industry. If we say we can do the job; we mean we have the adequate manpower available to handle it, do it right, and do it when you need it done.

We Take Safety Seriously

Everyone knows the importance and serious nature of safety on the jobsite. And that is certainly the case with Borg Brothers. Our commitment to jobsite safety has earned us a reputation our customers not only appreciate but have grown to expect. And we're glad.

We Work Well with Other Subs

Borg Brothers knows that a construction project is a team effort and things work smoother if that team works well together. We have a track record of working well with other subcontractors and being able to keep the job moving forward... together.

We Have a History of Integrity

A strong work ethic was seen even in the beginnings of the lawn company started by Jay Borg at age 16. After several years, Jay was mentored by Ed Morgan in all aspects of construction and, after that, Borg Brothers was born. What started as a small construction company providing residential remodeling and renovations was destined to grow and expand. As our business grew and we added more services to our resume; doors opened allowing for larger and larger commercial projects. Our reputation of quality and integrity has grown along with our business. It is our pleasure and our mission to provide quality results and give our customers continued confidence that working with us was the right decision.

We Believe in Giving Back 

Borg Brothers believes that life is better if you are giving back to your local community as well as making the world a better place for others. We've done this by supporting local community outreaches and also assisted in building churches, schools and orphanages in impoverished foreign countries.